Posted by: Nick | Tuesday 14 April 2009

Teachers Asking for Too Much Again!

Seems that the NUT are acting up again. They are saying that they want a 10% pay rise or £3000 whichever is greater (see here). One poor teacher is bleating about how badly done to she is as she’s on ‘only’ £26000 after 4 years!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, teachers are not badly paid! You still earn more than people in the private sector with more demanding and responsible jobs and yet you still think you are hard done to.

Please remember the school’s support staff, upon whom you cannot cope without, are paid a damn sight less than you!

Grow up and remember you are paid well, have very secure jobs (when was the last time a teacher was fired for incompetence?) and good holidays and pensions!


Rant over, until next time!



  1. Wow, that what they get starting out!!! Bloody hell, I should have chosen other subjects than Swedish and English and come teach in Britain!

    In the 60ies, the members of parliament in Sweden wanted to up their pay to the same level as sixth form teachers had. Now they earn three times more than we do on average. We used to have 35 hour weeks and 10 weeks off in the summer. Now we work 45 hour weeks minimum and have 6.5 weeks off in the summer. (and one week at Easter, and one week in Feb, it used to be another week in autumn, but now we work Halloween/ All hallow’s, while the students are off)

    Of course it’s a secure and swish job, if you aren’t landed with students who rape eachother, or beat eachother up, take drugs, or whose parents do, and flunk every other subject, as I’m then responsible to make sure that the school does all in it’s power to help the student to rehabilitate, and get grades, liason with the social services, etc etc. And you can get away with a lot of things being a teacher – I’ve seen it myself, and I soooo wish that the jerks who give us hardworking, empathic, creative and dedicated teachers a bad name got booted out and gagged, because unfortunately it seems as if their the ones who rants the most about how badly paid they are!

    Btw, I earn 24000 after 6 years. After having had the best increase of my salery in my workplace three years running. (Sounds a bit like boasting, but I’ve paid for it in working hours and health). The person having your job at our school earns about 28615 a year. He used to be a teacher before and raised his salery with 5000 SEK changing jobs….

  2. I must point out that I’m not anti teachers as people, just the unions who come up with the daft pronouncements and the ones who are continually moaning, sorry it’s a hobby horse of mine!

    I agree that there are some teachers who must have exceptionally challenging jobs dealing with violent and abusive pupils and they should never have to put up with those situations.

    What does bother me is that there seems to be little realisation by the unions etc. of what goes on in the ‘real world’.
    My wife is the store manager of a high street drug store. She is personally responsible for meeting sales and many other targets and for the training and welfare of her staff and much more and yet she earns less (only just now admittedly) that a new starting teacher gets! If she doesn’t meet her targets etc. and follow the companies procedures correctly, she can be demoted or sacked. Don’t get me wrong, she does love her job, but a bit more cash would be nice 😉 although that’s not going to happen in the current economic climate!

    In any job or position, be it teaching, IT or even Scouting, you will get the people who are useless etc. at their jobs and you will get the ones who are great – that’s life I suppose.

    I think I should up sticks and be an IT tech in Sweden if your colleague’s salary is anything to go by! Just may have a problem with the language though…….

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