Posted by: Nick | Thursday 20 November 2008


I visited someone in hospital last night and some of the things that go on there started to get my goat.

First of all the car park charges £2 for a minimum of four hours. However visiting times are only for two hours, therefore I’ve paid for parking I won’t use! The need for paid parking is acceptable as the hospital doesn’t need people parking there all day when they aren’t at the hospital, but to over charge is not acceptable. They are taking advantage of people’s misfortune.

The other thing is the food that is served to the patients. I was told that food that had been served was cold, dry, mashed potatoes had a skin on the top and rice pudding was burnt. So a ‘customer service high up’ came and made the usual apologies and said it would improve. Except it hasn’t! One of the main problems is that the food isn’t cooked and prepared on site, but in South Wales, around 120 miles! That makes good sense doesn’t it? No.

The trouble with the NHS is that there are too many middle manages without any common sense! These issues never used to happen before things were ‘improved’!


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