Posted by: Nick | Tuesday 6 February 2007

Teacher’s Pay

I see on the NUT website that they are banging on about teachers being underpaid again!
To start as a teacher you get over £19000 plus up to £5000 as a signing on fee. The teachers where I work get extra for working in a special needs school. I guess the minimum amount paid to a full time teacher at my school is around £25000. Over £10000 more than I get. Some of them who are not even management are getting over £40000 a year!
Again the poor dears are not badly paid. My wife works 50 hour weeks, has a hell of a lot more responsibility and still earns less than a teacher who is starting.

Message to the Teaching Unions – try a job in the real world and then see how poorly paid you are! :@



  1. […] said it before and I’ll say it again, teachers are not badly paid! You still earn more than people in the […]

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